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O serviço preview é um serviço da Naver que lhe permite ver a prévia dos próximos capítulos do webtoon escolhido. Você precisa ter nacionalidade coreana pra poder comprar a prévia. O custo é por volta de 1~3 reais por capítulo. O Serviço Preview de Tower of God está 3 capítulos a frente do atual. Segue a raw disponível dos capítulos e toda a informação encontrada na Batoto.

RAW 204 – 26/06/2016
RAW 205 – 03/07/2016
RAW 206 – 10/07/2016

Spoilers 204, 205, 206:

-Kaiser asks Viole why he came here and explains the rule of the station when the red haired guy attacks her. She then requests a fight between her and Viole. She states that a FUG slayer candidate losing his name would cause great amount of embarrassment to FUG.

-Kaiser wants to sell Baam's friends in an auction after capturing them, so she asked the 10 to come out of hiding.

-Sword guy says that he doesn't know how Yihwa will feel since she's from one of the 10 Families but he thinks this station really could be a place where the 10 families use to do the dirty deeds. Yihwa then says that he does not need to care for her because she's from one of the 10 Families since she believes it is right thing to face the truth. He then he tells Yihwa that she's an amazing person and that she's different from the others from 10 Families that he has met before. She then says that there is nothing special... only that she has experienced a lot of things after meeting an unique person.

-The panel where Koon is smirking is when Koon is mocking Leesoo for making a plan that ended up backfiring at him. He also says stuffs like "Nope/Nah" when Leesoo begs for Koon's help and asserts that Koon's team and Leesoo's team are competitors now.

-Koon is pissed at Leesoo's team for abusing the fact that Baam has been benevolent toward everybody and bringing up JVG's  name.

-Leesoo thinks to himself that those two, from the start, had a cat and dog relationship, and in order to stop them, he would need Androssi or Anak to do the job. Other than that, it's just Koon talking to those two (saying if they try to use Baam to obtain Kaiser's name, they'll have to fight with their life on the line and that he no longer wants to see Baam being used by someone, etc). In the previous chapter, right before Koon mocks Leesoo, Leesoo thinks to himself that if events turn out like this, all the things that they've prepared have only helped these guys (Koon and Co.).

-He then tells Koon that they're competitors competing for Kaiser's name now and that as a competitor, letting Koon just leave isn't the thing to do. Koon says something on the lines of "sorry, but I said we're competing for Kaiser's name, not that we should fight each other. Didn't you guys need Kaiser's name instead mine? Hatsu replies by saying that those two things mean the same and that since they cannot obtain Kaiser's name without Viole, if Koon and Co. absolutely have to leave, they'll forcefully keep Koon and Co. here. Koon complains that they don't understand even if Koon puts it in an easier way. Leesoo then tries to stop the two from fighting, saying that there's no need to fight between us; however, Hatsu states that there are plenty of reasons for them to fight (bolded), since this guy tried to turn his back on Androssi even after hearing her story. -> after this, Hatsu talks about saving Baam from FUG followed by Koon's accusation regarding having the right and stuff.

-Oh yeah, when Koon and Hatsu are fighting, Hatsu brings up the fact that they saved Baam from FUG during the workshop battle and asks how Koon and Co. can turn their back on her. Koon then asks Hatsu if he's saying that they have the right to send Baam back to FUG because of that reason.

-SIU wrote on his twitter that Koon knows about the consequences that may result from Baam using Viole's name better than anyone.

-Yep, using the lighthouses to reinforce his weapon. Hatsu thinks that since Koon is from the 10 Families, using a lighthouse as his support, there is no way for him to capture Koon physically. The only way for him to stop Koon is to take at least one part of Koon's body. But then Koon is like "...You lost, you can't cut me, Hatsu. Well, I couldn't either, but I was the one escaping anyway."

-She says she lost her name after the match between her and Kaiser, but it wasn't because Kaiser was stronger or anything. She states that it was because she didn't know what kind of strength Kaiser had - she didn't know Kaiser had "that ability" (Apparently, this ability is close to being invincible in this area). She refuses to say anymore unless Baam agrees to help her, but she does say that Kaiser was supposed to be a Zahard's princess from one of the 10 Families. She asks Baam if he would become her servant tomorrow night and go take Kaiser's name together, but Baam refuses saying that he also needs Kaiser's name... and because of that, he will be unable to help Androssi.

-Androssi's plan is to take Baam's name and have a rematch with Kaiser so that she could regain her original name + Kaiser's name. She also gets extremely mad because Baam isn't obeying what she's saying, so she basically asks Baam to decide if it's chasing Rachel or helping Androssi. She also says that if they choose Rachel, she'll take Baam's name from him forcefully, so they should come prepared.

-Koon mentions that if Androssi continues to display this type of attitude, problems like this will continue to occur. So they should be careful.
He says that a princess from a regular family often die without a trace since a regular family princess becoming a ranker means a creation of a new authority... there are a lot of people who do not wish to see that, so they try to get rid of it by any means.
Leesoo says he knows that  and that is why they need to get Androssi's name back from Kaiser. If the words of Androssi losing her name to Kaiser goes around, other families will try to get her step down from her princess position. A princess stepping down from her position means death.

Tenho os spoilers em português também, caso necessário.

Adeus Akraptor. Prince, não sentiremos sua falta!
Normal ficar de luto por amigos perdidos, mas aquele olhar de Baam no final me deu a impressão de que a merda vai ser jogada no ventilador.



RAW 2.228:

Spoilers 2.228:
Baam : I could save no one, just ended up being saved. I was too arrogant...

How can i find true myself, having been like this...! If I had been stronger...I could have save everyone...!

I need lose to no one...!

-----There's nothing but darkness.

( Arkraptor and prince)

Wangnan : Where am i? I can't see anything because of darkness ..? Arkraptor? Prince?

Prince!! Arkraptor!! What are you doing here?

( They just turn around, showing their back. )

Wangnan : Prince? Arkraptor? Where are you going?

Nia : They've just left to far far away. They'll be never to come back, just like me.

Wangnan : Nia..?

Nia : Still, You can never save anyone, Wangnan.

Wangnan : Nia?

Nia : You've always dragged people and just driven them to death. Always.

Do you even remember? Numerous comrades that you've met till now.

Everyone has left you, And only you has survied. You're liar.

We've never left you. We've been sacrificed all because of your recklessness.

You're a mean liar who drags people with plausible ideal and courage.

And at last, Only you survive. Being left alone, that's all because of yourself .

Just wake up from your dream, the prince of red district.

(Wangnan awakes.)

Wangnan : ( Huh? Was that dream? Is this place..? I must have gotten caught...

Then... Prince and Arkraptor... They're all... It's not a dream...)

( Wangnan hears things like 'Save me' 'You said we had to believe you..' )

Wangnan : Naahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!

Misaeng : Are you alright?

( Hoaqin is passing by the cell. )

Hoaqin : Huh? Hey, Shut up. You're being too noisy. I'm just keeping you alive just because that Rachel girl needs you.

If you still keep doing that, I'm going to eat one you..! I've never thought someone who climbed up till 40th floor would weep like this...!

How Pathetic.

Wangnan : It's all because of me... It's all my fault..! Why am i so incompetent ...!

Hoaqin : Hmmp! There's nothing but petty guy around me...!

( By the way... Is he immortal or something? I've seen him almost dying for a few times... Maybe there's something on him...)

Cassano : Hoaqin !?

Hoaqin : Ahhh,... Beniamino Cassano... At last, You're on loose...

Cassano : You!! Why didn't you tell me in advance that it was trap all along..! Knowing nothing, I was really serious about dealing with that bastard...!

Hoaqin : Behh... That was all part of plan. They would've noticed you. Stop nitpicking

Really, I've never thought you would be caught alive. Disappointing. Maybe you're weak because being a fake.

Cassano : How dare you say I'm a...!

Hoaqin : Your head, I mean. I've thought somehow you were fine weapon, considering you're human.

But look at you, One little angry bastard who cannot control yourself.

Do you know why the sword is better weapon than a bare hand? Because It has no feeling.

The weapon with mind is nothing more than a burdensome accessory. The only thing the weapon needs is sharpness.

However, The hand is different. It has rage, happiness, hesitant. That's a natural limit of the hand.

So, If you really wish to be a weapon, be mindless. Being state of neither weapon nor human, You'll soon be abandoned.

The FUG is no a generous organization which can accept the weapon that lost sharpness.


Yura : Huh? You're going to take both of them??? Just one would be enough. We also have to take a test sooner or later.

Rachel : It would be alright. There's no problem with the test as long as we have Hoaqin.

And If one of them just runs or dies, We have no cards to use. It's also unclear if we can get people on next station.

According to Emily, to enter into the floor of death, we need an alive victim.

Yura : But... Whay if they become hostile and try to hurt...!

Rachel : Don't worry. By the way, What about our new comrade who's going to be with us...?

Yura : Ah, Don't worry. Soon, The best scout of D-class is going to get on the train.

Just look forward to him. Well, I'm not sure if he's going to be on our side.

And, Have you already searched them all? If they have knife, just like last time....

Rachel : Don't worry. I've check all about them with my lighthouse, so it would be okay.

There was noting but single bomb. They'll not going to escape!

Yura : Good! Then I'm going to sleep, since we have test tomorrow.

Rachel : Good night, Yura.

( She sees hallucination and gets fightened. There's blood on her hands. )

Rachel : ( I have to get used to it...Killing people.. By the way...Was his name Wangnan?

Who is he? I thought he was normal regular who followed Baam, wan't he?

Why does he have ring like this...?


Baam reaches to god of guardians and say "Teach me how to be a god"

Parece que o SIU diz que Rak, Yihwa e o espadachim estão vivos também e que isso vai ser contado mais tarde.


Nível de Cuarta Espada
Nível de Cuarta Espada

Baam flertando com o lado negro da força. Tá perto.



Acho que tá mais pro Wangnan do que pro Baam. Baam parece querer virar um justiceiro ou algo do tipo.



Wangnan da mesmo um Slayer muito melhor que o baam ainda mais por tudo que ele ja passo por conta das leis da torre de zahard e das 10 familias.



Vai ser legal o Baam virar yandere e matar todo mundo que ameaçar o harém dele.



RAW 2.229:

Spoilers 2.229:
GOG : How to be a god?

Baam : ...Yes!

GOG : How to be a god... What a weird request. Is that just because I'm 'the god of guardians?'

Baam : Yeah...I think you might have known how to be...

GOG : Sorry but I don't know about such a thing like being a god. 'The god of guardians' is nothing more than a nickname that I got from regulars.

I'm no such a great being.

Baam : Is that so... Okay..

(Baam is leaving.)

GOG : Whaaaa? You're just leaving....!!!  You're so coldhearted..!!

You must have had some trouble on outside... What has happened to you?

Baam : I've lost my comrades.. There was nothing I could do before a powerful enemy....

It's all because I insisted to go to the floor of death...! Karaka has been there all because of me...!

Everybody was in danger just because of me...! But I couldn't do anything... I only ended up getting helped by my friends...

GOG : Is that a reason you wanna be a god-like being?

Baam : Yeah.

GOG : You're excessively greedy. You're still much stronger than any other regulars.

Baam : Yet my enemies are also strong...! It wouldn't have turned to like this only if i was stronger...!

GOG : Are you saying you could save your comrades? Are you saying your enemies wouldn't even have touched you?

Boy,  Power cannot just make everyone happy. There was another boy who asked such a thing like that.

He asked me how to be a king of the tower. I asked why...then he answered.

"I want to make this tower to place where everyone can live in happiness."

I helped that boy to be strong, And he really became one. Finally, He became the king of this tower.

However, he couldn't make everyone happy. I have no idea what happened to him,

but I can assure one thing : Just owning a great power doesn't make people around you happy.

What matters is how to use the power, not just own it. I can easily guess what would happen if you have a power you cannot stand.

Actually, the reason of your pain came from the power you got.  

Do you really think everyone will be happy only if you own god-like power?

You're now about to lose what's important because of instant unrest.

After the next test, when you make up your mind, come back. Though i have no idea how to be a god...

But i can show you how to be way stronger than now.


Khun : Now you're coming, Baam? // Baam : Mr. Khun...

Khun : You went to rice pot, didn't you? // Baam : Yes I did.

Khun : Too sad... You're trying to be stronger only by yourself. // Baam : That's...

Khun : Sometimes I'm worried If you leave us for good. I feel that kind of uneasiness.

So tell us before when you go somewhere. So that we can follow you anytime.

Endrossi : Hey, Baam! Where have you been without talking...!

You didn't even eat anything..! You know how I'm worried.?

Baam : Endrossi..! //  Endrossi : And do you have any idea how I'm suffering???

Endrossi : That Ha family woman has been watching me over with this weird observer...!

Yuri : [Through observer]  Baam, You're back.! By the way why are you sticking to Baam, sister?

I warned you, No being with him.

Endrossi : When the hell did you follow me dammit!

Yuri : Come to my room right now, or I'll be there to catch you.

Endrossi  : Shuttup! You think i will??? Neverrrr! // Yuri : Then I'll come. // Endrossi : Don't...!

( Endrossi leaves.)

Khun : Baam... Ehwa, the Croc and the swordman must have survived. So don't worry.

What we have to do is not worrying, we have to survive till they come back.

They wouldn't have died that easily, huh?

( Endrossi suddenly appears with Bongbong.)

Endrossi : Baam!! Just one more word : Please don't act like your being dead because of having lost comrades..!

Someone might have left for a moment, but There is person who is standing by you, like me..! Am i wrong?

You're being to someone..! Okay?? So take care of yourself! This is an order..! Just take rest...!

Yuri : [ Through observer ] Stop keep running, girl! // Endrossi : Naaah , Stop following me!!!

---------a day later -------------

( They passed a test. )

Skipped ---

Boro : So... What about team wangnan? Any news?

Khun : Well, There's no way to contact each other in the train. // Baam : We can look for them.

Hwaryan : You'd better not search them. // Khun : Ryan?

Hwaryan : You said you would respect each other when letting him go.

He just started to walk his own path. So We'd better walk each other's from now on.

And you guys have no time to worry about the others. We're soon to reach the floor of death.

It's the place where even rankers mind entering. Even with Yuri Zahard... It'll be hard to survive if things go like this.


Skipped unnecessary conversation. Fucking too long


GOG : So.. Have you all made up your mind? ..About hatred?

Baam : I...have no idea. I'm so distressed about having lost my comrades because of my weakness.

But I know one thing :  Being stronger cannot make people happy.

The power that i cannot afford will only end up siding me with the others.

However, That doesn't mean I'm stopping training to be stronger.

It would be sad if i hurt someone, though i wanna be god-like person to someone!!

If that brings wrong results, I'll pay...! I'll be stronger and fight. To guard people I love , and to stay with them.

GOG : ( Similar, but different. He's not like Zahard. While Zahard wanted to change things by standing over others,

He's just trying to get power to be with others. The slight difference which i was missing- It would be worth to bet on this.)

Good. You will not able to own the power before finding your true self, but you have right to be stronger.

Then... let's start the training...!

( GOG shrinks to size of human.)

GOG : This is a medium version of myself..! I can change my size depending on opponent.

I'll make you stronger with this battle...! Keep chill and come to me...!

From now on, I'm going to teach the shinsoo control techniques of 10 family heads...!

---Weeks later---- The place where Wangnan and miseang are prisoned.

Wangnan : It's getting colder... Did weather change just because we climbed up?

Rachel : It has gotten cold... Cover yourselves with these. There's no use of having hostage if he dies.

Wangnan : Rachel...!

Rachel  :  ...Though Hoaqin has been insisting that you all have to be eaten.

Wangnan : Go away...! It would be better dying rather than being a hostage...!

Rachel  : Oh, Is that so... Yet you say so... Girl over there seems to have to survive..?

If you're still a leader of a team, you would decide what you have to do . Well, It's all up to you.

Wangnan : I'm nothing... like leader....

Rachel : Really...? You're so depressed, considering You are someone who inherited the blood of Zahard.

Wangnan  : What the hell are you....!

Rachel : This ring. Isn't this yours?

Wangnan  : How can that be....!!!

Rachel  : Don't worry. I haven't told to anyone. Especially, to Hoaqin.

Actually, I know about this ring. About what it means. Because I know another guy who has this ring.

You're the worst disgrace of Zahard that he has tried to hide all along, Yet survived.

The ones who own power that shouldn't be owned, So called ....Prince of red districts.

Wangnan : What are you....! How did you...!

Rachel : Didn't you hear these from Baam? I'm also an irregular. That's why I'm with FUG. So I know things.

I've been wondering why you were climbing the tower with Baam. Are you trying to revenge on Zahard, with using him..??

But He's not a suitable person. How about cooperating with me?

Wangnan : What ???

Rachel : The piece of thorn is hidden in the floor of death. Baam's thorn is nothing more than a part of whole of it.

Getting complete Thorn, we might figure out how to destroy the immortality of Zahard and himself.

You know what that means, right?

Though It would be impossible  to destroy the world only with those, but It still can be a crack starting to destroy his world.

And you also know about the 'key' that can open the gate of tower , right?

The day Zahard himself declared to be king of tower, stopping climbing, He hid 'the key' to somewhere.

So no one could go up over 134th floor from then. Zahard gave the half of the key to the great blacksmith, Asule Edwaru.

He melted the half of key, creating 13 weapons and making princesses fight over those.

But the rest of it has disappeared. Where has it gone? The rest half is on the inside of this ring, right?

When you all reach the top of the tower, the gate will open again.

Be with me, Prince of red district. Together, We're going to change this tower.

---------------end -------------------



Aqui ja ficou claro a informação falada pela rachel foi o headon que passo pra ela, e os filhos de zahard somente deve ter poder de imortalidade dado pelos contratos da torre, como eles são muito fracos seria muita Humilhação mostra isso pras 10 familias e para os residentes da torre,ou as 10 familias sabe e fica acobertando.

Ja começo achar que a criação da fug também tem algo  a ver com zahard pra dificulta ainda mais
o jeito de pegar essa chave, não vo me surpreender se outros slayers também for membros das 10 famílias que procuram vingança ou foram renegados.

1 coisa boa veio nesse pacote todo eles vao ter que juntar todas as 13 armas mais pra frente na historia e vão ter que remover o selo e desperta a princesa louca pra isso.



Não tenho tanta certeza. O Baam viver dentro daquela caverna e apenas a Rachel ter acesso à ele indica que a Rachel já sabe das coisas mesmo antes de ter entrado na torre.



lacabeza escreveu:Não tenho tanta certeza. O Baam viver dentro daquela caverna e apenas a Rachel ter acesso à ele indica que a Rachel já sabe das coisas mesmo antes de ter entrado na torre.

Nao tem como a informação de dendro da torre serem passadas pra fora ja que ate hoje a saida da torre nunca foi aberta por causa da chave,rachel so ia saber ao sobre a informaçoes de dentro da torre somente se fosse uma viajante do tempo ate agora mostra meio improvável isso perdendo varias vezes pro koon.

Tambem ta rolando boato da repelista que ta passando as informaçao via emily mais acho muito dificil.



RAW 2.230:

Sachi : Damn, so cold. The winter set in earlier than expected. Was 40th floor the place where 'Crystal Shards' appear?

Boro : It seems like. We have to be careful. How about Khun?

Sachi : He's been cooping with the dwarf all day along. I think he's teaching something tremendous.

Boro : Is he? And Baam will also not be about to appear... Is everything going alright with these?

Sachi  : Well, If you're talking about Hoaqin, he will not show up till reaching to the floor of death.

Boro : We always have to raise our guard against him. And any new about our supplementary problem?

Sachi : Nah... No one will gladly follow us to the floor of death... But I know someone of 40th  who has nothing to do with the train.


40th floor station - The mushroom farm.

Hell Train arrives.

??? : Finally... It has arrived.


Place of GOG. Baam and GOG is fighting each other.

GOG : Hey, boy! You're getting no better! This is not i wanted!

What your using is nothing more than a skill of mere regular. To learn my skill, That won't be enough!

Feel the place, Feel the shinsoo. You can surely control all of these...!

You have to realize that normal regulars are allowed to use shinsoo by administrator, While you have been authorized from the start...!

Make this place to your own...! That's the privilege of the one who opened the door...!

Then you will able to learn the source of shinsoo...! ( GOG creates twinkling bang.)


40th floor station - The mushroom farm.

Boro : It's quiet... Now I remember. 40th floor, the mushroom farm.

The place where we roughly coughed because of spore, getting down to there.

I've never seen any single ticketer getting on the train. No one is getting on the train now, as I expected.

I've always wondered who lives in here... Who the hell lives in that castle-like building?

Sachi : I've been here for a few times... When I was mad about collecting tickets...

Boro : Really? Does anyone actually live in this place?

Sachi : Of course. They were few, but settled and lived in here. And there was a boy who has special eyes, having lived in that castle.

I met him just for a moment, But he was fun. He also introduced himself as painter. He said he had settled in this place to draw the view of this place.

He really hate noisy things. So when strangers intruded here, he used to fight and evict them, along with regulars.

He's quite skilled. It was totally waste for him to remain here.  When i met him in recent, he seemed to be waiting someone.

I guess he might have met the person he longed, for now.

Boro : How romantic... The painter who lives in the station of Hell train...!

There are too many oddballs in the tower, huh? Hey, someone is coming...!  // Sachi : What?

Sachi : Impossible...! Hawkney...?! // Boro : Hawkney, You said?

Sachi : Yeah! He's the painter i've said minutes ago...! // Boro : I think he's coming this way...!

( And two others are following Hawkney.)

Zordang : Hawkney, Why! Why did you change your mind...!

Hawkney : Zordang? Aruku?

Zordang : You've never said you would get on the train...! We all die if you leave here...!

We cannot defend this place without your 'eyes'...!

Aruku : He's right! If lord Hawkney leave us...!

Hawkney : Move. I haven't meant to protect you. I've just wanted to keep my days in peace.

If you're about to keep what you're doing, I'll just get through you.

Zordang, Aruku : Hawkney , Please...!


Sachi : I'm surprised. I never expected you to get on the train.

Hawkney : It's been a pretty long time Sachi Faker. Are you still finding the woman..?

Sachi : No, I'm not. I'm currently on the train for another goal. Should i say i technically found her?

Hawkney : Good for you...for one reason or another. It's a great thing to find a new goal.

Sachi : What about you? Did you meet the person you've longed for...?

Hawkney : Well...That's....

Fatgirl ( I don't remember her name.) : Wha... New comrade?

(There are also ponsekal girl and Albelda.)

Sachi : He's the scout i've known. He's not enemy.

Hawkney :  (...? What's that strange girl? )

Sachi  : But Hawkney, What are you doing on the train...?

Hawkney : Ah, Sachi . Have you seen this drawing? // Sachi : Drawing?

Sachi : I've never seen it.  // Boro : ( What the hell did he draw..?)

Hawkney : This is the 'crimson light' that i've been waiting for.

Sachi  : Wait, What you're waiting was not a person..?

Hawkney : I never said it was a person. And I drew this one.

It's the picture that i had drawn before I entered tower, yet someone has robbed it.

The reason i entered the tower was to find this drawing. The auction only available of regulars trades in many pieces of works.

I could find them after long time had passed. My masterpiece was divided to 6 pieces and I retrieved them, one by one,

finally ended up purchasing the last one. It was about to delivered to me. But  one day, I've lost contact with the seller.

And I found that the drawing is hidden inside the train from emily. I don't know where exactly it is, but I sure it's here.

I'm planning to stay at this place till i find it. 'The crimson light' is more like soul to me.

Yura : The scout we're finding is here.

Hoaqin : Aren't you going to negotiate now?

Yura : That would be difficult. We have no idea how he would react. Let's just keep him with his own. Maybe he can be used as spy.

Hoaqin : But why did you chose that boy?

Yura  : Ah, Because according to Emily, He's from the floor of death.

Hoaqin : What...? Really?

Yura : Well, I have no idea how he escaped from the floor of death and became regular.

But I think he can guide us to the destination gladly.

Hoaqin : What if he refuses?

Yura : Don't worry. He must do as i say because - his soul belongs to me.


Cell of the train.

Misaeng : Aren't you cold Wangnan??

Wangnan : It's alright... I was born in the cold place. This chill is nothing to me...


a day ago-

Rachel : Be with me, Prince of the red district. We're going to change this tower.

If you do, I'll tell Cassano to revive Horyang. Just consider this as my apology since i killed one of your comrades.

Please, The deads never come back. You have to make your choice till tomorrow, but if you don't -

You'll end up losing the lives of the others....


Now, Present.

Rachel : Did you sleep well? I came here to get your answer.

Wangnan : You...!

Rachel : This place may discomfort you. Shall we move? I brought the key.


( Rachel has removed Wangnan's handcuff.)

Wangnan : What the hell..? // Rachel : Pardon?

Wangnan : I've never said i would be your comrade...! Why are you releasing me...?

You're the one who killed my comrades...!

Rachel : Well, If we're to be a team, It's needed. Just look, You're not attacking me, even now.

Wangnan : In your dream...! I'll never be your comrade...! I can literally twist your neck...right now!

Rachel : So, What about the answer...? I'm used to such hatred. I even have climbed the tower with the man who tried to kill me.

But isn't it obvious? Though not as the friend or comrade, we can climb the tower for each other's goal and plausible excuse.

Isn't that true? I don't want you to be as friend or comrade. Just climb tower like the others. That's all.

If you do, you can save your comrades and your own life.

Wangnan  : Good. If you say so... Rachel. I'll climb the tower with you. But please free Misaeng.

I want you to let her go when Cassano leaves to revive Horyang.

Rachel : Okay.

Wangnan : But remenber...Someday.... I will make you pay for killing Arkraptor...! I will...!

Rachel : I'll keep that in mind.


Khun : Nahhh... So tired..! He's not giving me a rest. Even for a 10 minutes...! To harsh!

You devil dwarf...!

Evan : I've warned you. And you asked me first.

Khun : I know. But Hasn't my skill approved a bit...?

Evan : Well, as far as it goes. But I don't understand you guys. I mean, following the boy to the floor of death.

You may not know, But floor of death is the most dangerous place in the tower. Baam boy is seeking his goal.

But why are you trying to follow him, even risking your life?

Khun : Well, I don't know what others thinking but... when I first saw him wielding the black march, I was convinced...

Evan : ???

Khun : ...that 'If I follow him, something interesting will happen.'

Evan : Are you saying you're risking your life just because of being interested...?

Khun : I mean, That was start. For now, It's more than being interested... I need him.

It feels like letting him go would make everything done. To think about it, the life can be meaningless, right?

Do you think just breathing and circulating blood are life?

Shouldn't we find something much more important to find the meaning of life?

Does scrap-like life truly have meaning, if I have something to follow , even with risking my life?

The current me would feel like it's the end of world if Baam does not exist.



Sou so eu estranhando o geito que a Misaeng ta olhando pro Wangnan?
sera que o hoaquin vez algo com ela? tipo volta ela contra o Wangnan?



Eu acho que é só o choque da morte do Prince, mas se acontecer algo com ela, tanto faz, ela é inútil também.


Nível de Cuarta Espada
Nível de Cuarta Espada

Miseng e Prince sãoos pets do grupo, apenas hahaha!

Eu acho que a história vai melhorar bastante nesse próximo arco. Impossível ser oruim o 43º andar, pelo amor de deus.



RAW 2.231:

Spoilers 2.231:
Khun : Now I can understand why Baam was waiting Rachel all the day in the past.

He must have felt like it was end of the world without Rachel.

By the way, I never thought i would come to this conclusion. I'm totally stunned.

Evan : Hmmm... Of course, It's quite special for a mere regular to climb tower with the irregular.

I do understand.

Khun : Maybe it's easy for you to understand in that way.

Evan : But think about it. Baam will monstrously be stronger everyday.

Do you think you guys can follow him? Minnows can never be with the shark forever.

Khun : Then I'll try as far as i can. I think we have to do more practice.

Evan : Hmm... Finally you've brought your senses.

Chamber of GOG

The shinsoo is being sucked into bang making cyclone.

Baam : ( Amzaing...! It seems like the shinsoo is being sucked into specific point...!

And the absorption and the explosion are happening at the same time...! )

GOG : Did you see that, boy? This is the basic stage of 'the source of shinsoo.'

By ruling all the shinsoo around user, he can finally compress it to one point and explode it.

Of course, It is impossible for normal regulars to control shinsoo like this.

Even I can use this technique only in the train.

So If you succeed to learn this skill, you'll be on totally different level compared to the others.

Even with the single tiny bang of shinsoo, you'll be able to destroy the whole world.

Baam : ...But I don't get it. This one is totally different kind from what I've learned...

GOG : Hmmm, Is that so?

Baam : I could acquire reinforcement techniques that you've taught me. but not this one...

I cannot understand it basically. Could you please strike me with the skill?

GOG : I've told you several times. I can't. It is too dangerous your directly getting hit.

Baam : I can withstand...! That is the fastest way...!

GOG : No. You can get seriously hurt...! Even If I control my power, I won't able to guarantee your safety

Being strong is a important thing, but it is useless if it ends up breaking yourself.

Baam : I'll be fine...! Please...! I have any amount of precious beings around me...more  than my life.

GOG : ( As expected... This boy is...)


The prison, inside of the hell train.

Miseng : Wangnan...! What happened to you?? Why did that woman..!

Wangnan : ... I decided to climb the tower with those guys.

Miseng : Huh?! What do you mean...? Why are you saying that?

Those pepole have murdered Prince and Arkrapter...! And you're trying to be with them, not fighting?

Wangnan : This is all to revive Horyang.... She said she'll free you and save him if i do that.

Well, I think she wants me as her hostage. haha...

Miseng, Leave this place with Cassano and forget everything what heppened in here.

Just live as a person who has nothing to do with me.


3days later.

All the guys are training. (Baam Endrossi Khun)


2 month later.

The black mountain, the station of 42th floor.

Sachi : ...Now we're on the 42th floor.

Boro : And this floor was also the place hard to reach.

Most of ticketers give up this spot because the station was located in the high place

But there must be guys who's still waiting the train.

If they get on the train, they can save time to make a detour to the floor of death.

I'm sorry but I think we have to eliminate all of them.

Miseng : Mr. Shachi... Mr.Boro...!

Boro : You.. you're Miseng.... and Cassano...!

Why are you standing  by the enemy...! What happened to you...?

Miseng : Please...! Let us pass...!

Boro, Sachi : ...?!

Miseng : He said ...he would revive Horyang...!

Boro, Sachi : What?!

Boro : What the hell are you talking about...? Why would he..?

Miseng : I, I can't tell you but...! It's all for the life of my comrade..!

Please believe me and open the door...!

( Cassano went out)

Sachi : What is going on..? Why did he change his mind?

Miseng : I can't tell you.... but it would be better to understand that we've succeeded to save Horyang and...


Two month ago, The prison.

Miseng : No

Wangnan : ...What?!

Miseng : I said No...! I'll never split up with you...! If you leave to the floor of death, I'll follow..!

Wangnan : You're crazy...! If you follow those guys...!

Miseng : ...Then I'll probably die? It's okay...!! I've always thought about getting killed since i entered the tower...!

Same for Prince and Arkrapter...! They also knew it...! So don't overprotect me as if i'm a child...!

I have no idea why you're trying to be with the enemy but I'll still follow..! I don't fear the death..!

Well, Actually It's better dying..! If i have to run away after having seen death of Prince and Arkrapter...!

Wangnan : Are you serious...? // Miseng : Yup.

Wangnan : But i have no power to protect you, If danger comes.

Miseng : It's alright..! I can protect myself..! I've never trusted you from the start anyway...!

Wangnan : Oops.... Then... can i ask you a favor? Just follow Cassano on condition that you let him out of train.

Give him my words. And When you meet comrades, just tell them to search 'Yellow prince' with Emily if they ever miss me.


Now, present.

Miseng : So that's what he told me... Well then i'm leaving this place..!!

Sachi : Hey...!    ...'Yellow Prince'??

Boro : Sachi... Those guys...

Sachi : ...Must have something between them. We'd better not talk about Ehwa.

I feel like her having grown up.

( Cassano comes out of train. )

Crowd : A man is coming here...! Is he ticketer? Then we can take ticket from him...!

Let's just cooperate for now...!


2 month ago

Hoaqin : The weapon with emotion is nothing more than a cumbersome accessory.

What weapon needs is the sharpness. If you truly want to be the weapon, abandon your own emotion.



Cassano : ( Does that mean...that I have to do whatever they says...? Even if the request is hard to understand? )


A moment ago

Miseng : Mr. Cassano, You're not going to revive Horyang, right?

Cassano : ...?

Miseng : You're just pretending to be all because of Rachel. You're planning to betray us as soon as you leave this place.

Wangnan told me to say this : You'll never get what you want with following FUG.

But If you revive Horyang and come back - He's definetely going to make your wish come true instead.


Hoaqin : What the hell are you doing , Rachel!! You've accepted what he requested and himself ,too !!

Are you out of your mind!! He's nothing more than a mere hostage!! And why did you let those useless...!

Rachel : Useless? You're so cruel. I've finally succeded to sweeten them.

Hoaqin : Whaaa??!

Rachel : It was you who wanted to make them on your side, actually.

Hoaqin : That was all to decieve them, you fool!

Rachel  : But we cannot gurantee our safety, controlling all of the hostage till being on the floor of death.

There's no reason to refuse if they cooperate.

Hoaqin  : You...!!

Wangnan : well well, You seem to be full of complaints, Hoaqin. I'm gladly trying to be your teammate.

Hoaqin : Blondy?!

Wangnan : Don't worry i'll never backstab you. I'll also help you to find  the piece of thorn.

I'm going to pay for you guys reviving Horyang. So don't worry about my betrayal.

Hoaqin : ( What the hell is he thinking..? )

Wangnan : Don't you guys think we have no time to discuss about this..?

The floor of death is just around the corner. Let's just talk about what we have to do in the near future.

What do i have to do, exactly?

( I cannot help it for now, but... I'll definitely finish you off on the floor of death ...Rachel !! )


Chamber of GOG

( Baam got seriously hurt.)

Baam : Finally... I did it...!

RAW 2.232:

Spoilers 2.232:
GOG : Finally You're capable of handling a single bang. But it was too dangerous challenge.

Consider yourself lucky to be alive. Though having learned the source of shinsoo, you cannot go to the floor of death with your state.

Baam : It will be fine. I have no idea what exactly it is, but i think my frustration is gone.

I feel my body gotten lighter. I'm completely confident.


Test area

Poro Po : <From now on, we're going to start the test for next floor..!

All the regulars have to come in the start line...! Your mission is destroying all the 'big crystal shards'! >

Baam : ( It's my first time taking test alone after fighting against Mr.Hoaqin. Moreover, My body has reached its limit.

There is only one chance..! I have to shoot as strongly as i can...! )

( Baam destroys all the shards.)

Poro Po : < Congratulation Baam the regular. You passed the test to climb the next floor. >

( Khus destroys all the shards with his spear .)

Khun : ( It's been a long time since I threw spears. )

Poro Po : < Congratulation Khun agero agnis the regular. You passed the test to climb the next floor.>

Evan : ( With his skill, I'll be even possible for him to take position as spear-bearer.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, apparently. )

Poro Po : Congratulation Endrossi Zahad the regular. You passed the test to climb the next floor.

Endrossi : How about now..?

Yuri : < You have far to go. >

( Team boro has passed the test. )

Boro : It's a relieve that you're on our side, Hawkney. Having two observer clearly helps the team.

Hawkney : I just did my job. And It would be hard for me to take test alone.

Boro : But you were gorgeous. You're quite skilled.

Sachi : Hawkney, Can you please reconsider my offer again...?

Hawkney : ...About going to the floor of death with you..? Sorry but.. NEVER.

I don't understand why you guys want to go there. That place is not for the living.

Boro : What?!

Hawkney : That place is... where everyone is dying. When the living reaches there, the dead and monsters hang around him.

Even just standing still would feel like getting eaten alive. It's literally the floor of death. That place is not for you, who's alive.

Sachi : You talk as if you knew the place well. Have you ever been there..?

Hawkney : Actually, I once lived at that place. // Boro : What..? You lived???

Hawkney : Yup. I was one of the natives. I must say this, You should not go there. Even you try to, You'll all die just before reaching there.

In the numerous routes to the floor of death... The huge monsters called 'Gate Keeper' live there.

All the visitors end up being the prey for them.

Boro : The gate keeper?!

Hawkney : Yup. They are the monsters that eat anything trying to reach the floor of death. Nobody knows what they exactly are.

Anyway, It is impossible to get to the floor avoiding them. Even you fight back, there's only death. So give up.

Boro : Gate keeper of floor of death... What an unexpected difficulty... You also didn't know he's from the floor of death, did you?

Sachi : It's first time hearing it. He said he had got information from Emily.... So it could be Rachel's intention he's getting on the train.

Boro : Then... Rachel .. maybe she's trying to use him...

Sachi : Hawkney is not a bad guy, but we have to be careful about him.

Khun : Fellas, Are you all ready to get to the floor of death? I guess you're enjoying leisurely time.

Boro : Khun? You're back...! Is the training with the high ranker is done..?

Khun : Well, kind of... though it's not enough.

Boro : I think you had harsh time. I heard some kind of noise.

Khun : I think Endrossi is suffering more than me. By the way... where is Baam? Hasn't he finished yet..?

Baam : I just arrived. // Khun : Baam!!

Baam : It's been a while, Mr. Khun. // Khun : You're face is messy. // Baam : And you seem to have suffered too, Mr.Khun.

Khun : Well, It's fewer than I expected but.... All the members for the floor of death finally gathered.


Yuri : Now we're heading to the floor of death.

Evan : It's like a quirk of fate.

Yuri : It's clearly forbidden for princess to go to the floor of death, right?

Evan : Whatever. You've been to floor of Hedon ,too. And you also have suppression order.

Yuri : You've been there haven't you?

Evan : Just once, when i had to make a pilgrim. But it's first time heading to the center. I don't know what exactly that place is.

Just remember. Not only regulars, We could be in danger too.


Boro : All the lights are being out... Now we're getting...


Wangnan : What?! The lights are being out. The night is yet to come... Is this...?


Baam : My heart is racing... I feel that i'm heading somewhere i must go.


Khun's soliloquy : ( The sudden coming of Night had continued for a month, and our break time also had come. )

Khun : It's too desolate...

( After having breaking through all the scary silence , we have finally reached the floor of death.)

Pro Po : < I'm currently noticing all the regulars in the hell train. Now we reached the floor of death...! >


Khun : The place looks dreadful as i heard...

Hwaryan : Now we're here. // Khun : Hwaryan?

Hwaryan : Soon we'll get down over there. Since there's no station so we'll have to jump.

Khun : Jump? What do you mean? There's nothing over there.

Hwaryan : That's because you guys are not seeing the true side of the floor of death.

Khun : Huh? Do you mean we're seeing hallucination?

Hwaryan : It's more like leather. The crimson liquid you're seeing is actually the corpse and the blood of administration killed by Enryu.

The real floor of death is covered by his body. You'll see the true floor of death when you get in there.

From now on, You'd better not trust what you see . This place denies the livings.


Rachel : Finally, we're here.

Hoaqin : Can i really leave the train...?

Rachel : Of course. All the contracts and magics with administrators are not valid in the floor of death.

Since you're bind to spell, you can surely go out, Though you're not able to go to other floors.

Hoaqin : It's been a while being on outside...

Wangnan : You're being emotional. Does it feel like having vacation on military?

Hoaqin : Stop pretending to be so friendly. You said you wanted to kill us while ago.

Wangnan : What's so bad about it? We're comrades now...! Don't be angry..!

Rachel : Yura, How about Hawkney?

Yura : I just threw the bait that His painting only can be found in the floor of death.

I think we have to delay showing our identities to him. For now, we have to let him be with them.

Rachel : Fine. Everyone, pack all the equipment.

Wangnan : ( Hawkney? Who the hell is that...?)

Rachel : Now let's get to the floor of death.


Karaka : I have no idea...

( Another door of this room... I cannot open this one in some way or other. Does it need any special condition..?

Maybe this one could be the real hidden room of the hell train.

< All the regulars on the train... We're now on the flo... >

Karaka : ( Well, enough sightseeing. Now i have to go outside, AGAIN .)



Nível de Cuarta Espada
Nível de Cuarta Espada

SIU sabe preparar bem o hype dos esquemas. Adorei a coisa de o andar estar coberto pelo sangue e o corpo do administrador que o Enryu matou. O bicho devia ser descomunal.

A Hwa Ryun ai vai ajudar pra cacete, ela consegue ver tudo o que tá rolando. E esse time tá absurdamente forte. Duvido muito que a gente tenha só o Karaka de high ranker ai.



RAW 2.233:

Spoilers 2.233:
Happy christmas! Did you all have some fun?

Sachi : Any news about Wangnan and comrades?

Khun : You mean 'Yellow prince'? There was nothing on Emily though. What the hell happened to them...

Sachi : What about the clone of Hoaqin?

Khun : She's hiding somewhere that no one can find. Hoaqin will never be able to find her. Even if he does, he cannot absorb her that easily.

Sachi : Of course, Her power was said to be that of Ranker's

Boro : So are we leaving? But there's no even a station. How can we get down to there?

Khun : Well...


Boro : What!? We have to jump over there? Are you insane? We 100% die if we jump!

Hwaryan : I don't think so. The ocean you're seeing is the blood of Administrator. His blood is Shinsoo itself.

We don't simply die just by falling. We actually have to get into there to enter the real floor of death.

The place created by corpse of administrator, who was killed by Enryu

Evan : She's right, regulars. What you're seeing is nothing more than a 'shell' of floor of death. Well, even i never entered into floor of death with this route.

But it is true that we can see the real form of floor of death with only through that one. We cannot expect what's staying inside, though.

We cannot face the truth either, if we just stay here.


Boro : Damn... It is not in reason to just jump over there.

Khun : Easy, man. Just after checking if you're not dead, we'll soon follow.

Boro : Aren't you being too indifferent...? I don't think i can do this. // Sachi : You have no guts.

Hawkney : ...It's okay, Boro.  // Boro : Hawkney?

Hawkney  : You never dies just by jumping over there. It's  just what you must do to enter the floor of death.

Baam :  Who's that man?

Boro : Oh, I told you before. He's David Hawkney, the scout from 40th floor. He just wandered around to find his painting after we'd finished our test.

Khun : Ah, The man who's from floor of death...!

Boro : I thought you're not coming. But why..?

Hawkney : I've changed my mind. Emily told me that in two days, i would find my painting in the floor of death.

Boro : In two days? Is that really what she has told you? // Hawkney : yup.

Khun : ( David Hawkney... the scout hidden in a veil of mystery...Moreover, He's from the floor of death...

It is reasonable assumption that Rachel is trying to use him. Though he doesn't seem to notice that... I think we can use him in reverse. )

Then what about being with us? Since you're from the floor of death, I don't think there's anything wrong with joining us.

Hawkney : Thank you. So are we leaving now?

Khun : Well... We're now waiting...

( Yura and Wangnan show up. Wangnan is wearing a hood. )

Yura : Why are you just staying there? // Khun : Yura Ha...!! You finally have shown yourself...!!

Yura : If you're trying to leave , just do it now please. We won't able to get out if you guys are on our way.

Khun : Shut up! We're here to capture you...!! I don't want to get backstabbed in the floor of death..! Is Rachel in that carrier?

Baam : ( Who's that man?)

Yura : Yup. She's here.

Khun : Then tell her to come out right now. We don't have to delay our fight.

Yura : You're certainly self-confident. You know we have Hoaqin over here. Is that all because of the big shot over there who's seeing your back?

Yuri : Nah, Don't do that. We cannot attack regular on the train. Just do your job, Miss. ( Is that girl from Ha family...?)

Yura : I guess i was more scared than hurt, sister. Then shall we make a deal? About whereabouts of your comrades and the thorn...!

In return, just let us leave here safely...!

Khun : What!? Info about  the thorn?! And comrades... Do you mean Wangnan's?

Yura : Isn't that a good suggestion to you? Now, make a choice ...between fighting against us and getting info about your comrades.

If you chose the former, you'll never be able to find the piece of thorn again.

Baam : Let's do this, Khun.  Khun : I can't help it, then.


( Wangnan, Yura, Baam , Khun. They are standing still on the lighthouse. )

Khun : Just keep in mind. If you ever try to run, my lighthouse will attack you.

Yura : Good. Instead you have to free us if i give proper info, okay? // Khun : Got it.

Baam : So... What the news about Wangnan? // Yura : Ah, Does that come first?

Yura : They're hiding in somewhere of the train. Actually, They'd almost gotten in the trap,

but Mr. Cassano betrayed us and left us to save Horyang. So we lost them all.

Baam : Is that true..? // Yura : Yeah. Even we got also surprised.

Baam : It's a mercy... Though i heard that Mr. Cassano was leaving the train, but never imagined it was all for Horyang...

Khun : ( Wait... Something's wrong. If Wangnan has left safely, why isn't he calling use? Plus, Why the hell is she talking about him, even making a deal...?

Something bad must have happened to them...! )

Yura : Now, let's get down to the real business..About thorn. 'Get to the house of the princess who has look of deep water.

The place where three waterfall stay. If you follow crimson light through there, you may find the thorn.'

Endrossi : The princess...having look of deep water..?

Yura : That's all. We have to find the thorn with only that info ,too.

Khun : What, That's too abstract. // Yura  : But that's all we've got. Now, free us. Are you going to backstab us even after having heard all the info?

Khun : Well, What do you want me to do? // Baam : Mr. Khun..!!

Khun : Just think about it, Baam. There are too many strange things. It's suspicious telling us those info.

Something must have happened to Wangnan's. I cannot let these guys go...!!

??? : Why all of you are still staying here...?

Yuri : What!? Is he...?

( Karaka shows up fucking badassly fuck yeah )

Karaka : I was supposed to leave in silence but, You minions seem to praying to be killed.

If you really wish to be dead, I'll personally grant your requests...!

Yuri  : That bastard...!!

( Yuri punches Karaka but he deflects it .)

Yuri  : How can you still be alive!! I thought you were dead...!!

Karaka : Well, Maybe I'm an immortal.

Yuri : Bullshit..!!

( Yuri blows him away .)

Karaka : Regulars. Is that 'Hoaqin' who's on the inside of the wheeled bag...? Is the girl called 'Rachel' staying with him, too...?

Yura : Who... Who are you...?

Karaka : My name is Karaka. The living GOD of FUG.

Wangnan : ( Karaka...! Is that guy Hawryan has told about...? )

Karaka : You're coming with me, To the floor of death. Follow me.

(Karaka puts them in the world of darkness. )

Yuri : Not a chance...!

( Yuri shoot shinsoo blast but miss Yura.)

Yuri : Dammit...!  ( My shinsoo is unstable. Is that because I'm in the floor of death..?)

( Karaka makes a reach for Baam )

Karaka : Jue viloe grace. You cannot simply trick me just with changing your hair.

( Karaka's dark sphere's get expanded.)

Karaka : You're coming with me.

Khun : Baam...!!

Baam : ( I cannot dodge this...! Then I'd rather...! Break it...!)

(Baam creates the source of shinsoo.)

Yuri : Evan -!!

( Evan's huge glove capture Baam .)

Yuri : Are you okay!! Nice job Evan..!!

Karaka : ( Damn guide.... I think i have to give up taking him. Now, I'm going as i have planned. )

(Karaka fades into his dark sphere. And he blocks all the attack with multiple of them .)

Yuri : (Damn I missed him..!!)

Baam : Thank you, Mr.Evan.

Evan : You lost your mind..? He's the ranker..!

( Karaka's sphere fades .)

Evan : (What!? Just a little but...Karaka's shinsoo is... fading away...!)

Baam  : I have far to go...

Evan : ( This boy.... What the hell did he learn in the train...?)


Nível de Cuarta Espada
Nível de Cuarta Espada

Eu quero é saber quando o Baam vai fazer essas porras dessas esferas e com isso destruir esse poder de "imortalidade" do Karaka.

A Yuri tá me saindo mais incompetente do que parece. A mulher é uma high ranker e tá sendo trollada a vida inteira pelo Karaka, que deve ser uma criança na série (400~500 anos).

99% de certeza que em algum momento a Rachel vai mandar o Falcão dar uma viajada no grupo do Baam pra ele conseguir reaver a sua pintura e no fim vai revelar que não tem pintura porra nenhumaF SauiFHiufHasuifHuas!

O meu hype maior agora é quando o SIU desenhar esse andar inteiro e a gente ver o corpo ou pelo menos uma grande parte do administrador. Até agora a gente não tem nenhuma noção do gigantismo dos administradores, a não ser aquela vez em que o Baam apareceu pra fazer o contrato, logo no início.



Acho que Karaka e Yuri tem quase a mesma idade. Ela levou 200 anos pra subir e também é tratada como criança pelos mais velhos. Talvez a Yuri seja um pouco mais velha, mas não acho que tenha tanta diferença.

E depois da revelação do 229 o clima mudou muito em ToG. Esse arco vai ser foda (embora eu fale isso sempre rs).


Nível de Cuarta Espada
Nível de Cuarta Espada

Crú: (totalmente fora de ordem)
Evan : ( When i first met him, his has no such power at all... Not much time even has passed from then...!

He's growing in unbelievable rate. I thought he was totally different from Urek Mazino, but i was wrong.

Is that true power of Irregular? Maybe we're raising the monster that will be the biggest threat to us... )

Baam : Mr.Evan? Would you please let me go? It's holding me so tightly...

Evan : Oh..Alright..!


Endrossi : Are you okay , Baam?

Yuri : Karaka that bastard...How can he be alive?

Evan : That's what I'm saying. He got hit right on his own body. I never thought he would survive even after being struck by

killing technique and Kranos in a row...

Yuri : Not only having survived, he actually was without even a scratch. Moreover, he seems to having got on the train with us. Is he really immortal?

Evan : No way. The only beings who made contract with Administrators are Zahard and 10 great heads.

Yuri : So we have one more thing that we have to care about. Karaka went on floor of death. // Evan : Yeah. He'll keep attempting the life of the boy.

Yuri : Well, then. Let's get inside.


Boro : We.. We're not going to die, aren't we...??

Hockney : Just come over here.

Sachi : The place is safer than it seems, Seeing him calmly telling us to get in there.

Hockney : If you're willing to, just do it now. Only being together at the same time will take us to the same place.

If we move in seperate, each of us will get swept away by the current. Spreading in multiple teams is suicidal act in here, the floor of death.

Sachi : Just stop murmuring and get inside. I'll gladly mourn over your death if you die. // Boro : That's ture...but...

Sachi : Just get inside...!

( Sachi kicks Boro )

Khun : Now it's our turn. Let's go Baam. // Baam : Alright...!


Baam : ( It's warm...and silent... It feels like being on the place where I've lived for so long. ...the light..? )

( Baam follows the light. )

Hockney : ( What the... why is he heading to there? No...! He'll definitely get into the wrong place if he goes there...!) HEYYYY!!!!

Pull yourself together...!!! You should not get over there!! Come back!! HEYYYY!!!!

( Baam and Hockney are being sucked into cyclone.)

Khun : Baam!! // Yuri : Baam?! He's not giving me a break at all..!! ( !?... Huh? My shinsoo is not working..? )

Khun : Dammit // Sachi : No, Khun...! In this state, there's no way to hold them back!! We should never scatter over the place! It would only be worse if you follow them!!

Hockney : ( I don't know why, but he just got fainted...! If I just leave him still, he'll drift all alone. At least, I have to take him to the...! )

( Hockney gets sucked into the cyclone .)

Khun : Endrossi..! Can you use Bongbong to bring him over here..? // Endrossi : Impossible. It's not working, either.

Khun : What the hell is this place dammit...!


( Comrades are falling from the sky.)

Boro : Wha- What the hell!! The water is gone..! We're going to be crushed...!!!

Yuri : Gottcha!!

( Yuri succeeds to get them safely with her shinsoo drop .)

Khun : We...We're safe now.

Boro : Is this the route that Hockney has told us about...? This place is like body of something. Must be corpse of Administrator...

Yuri : ( Why didn't my shinsoo work while ago..? )

Boro : Baam and Hockney! Where are they? // Khun : I think they became separated from the team.

Khun : According to Hockney, there are multiple routes...So They must have entered to another route if they're safe.

We cannot just consider Baam having disappeared with him lucky.

Sachi : So it is... There is high possibility of Rachel controlling Hockney with her Emily... // Khun : But We cannot sure for now.

Endrossi : Aren't you guys are being too indifferent to the other's disappearance? // Khun : ...What?

Endrossi : Hwaryan, She's gone, too.

Khun : Whaaaaa! // Boro : Endrossi's right..! She's gone!!

Endrossi : Did she follow Baam, having known his disappearance in advance?

Khun : Well.. She's a guide. That's possible.

Yuri : But You felt nothing , didn't you Evan?

Evan : I never did. The ability of guide is not working on here. There's no possibility of her reading the future and getting through other path.

Yuri : ( I couldn't use shinsoo a moment ago, either. From the start I feel this place dangerous. I hope him to be safe though...)

(Suddenly they hear the sound of howling.)

Boro : Howling of an animal? ... Something is... coming out...!!



( Baam is lying down and Hockney is standing still.)

Hockney : So we ended up being separated from the team... by such a huge current... Since It's been a long time, I'm not getting used to this...

( If we ever face the gatekeeper in this state...)

(A giant shows up.)

??? : There was no single outsider for a long time... What a surprise..!! Why did you come back to this place, Hockney..!!


3 months ago, Somewhere a bit far from the namehunt station.

( Yihwa is lying down on the bed.)

??? : They're still not awake?

Yuze : Of course not, They withstood such a huge shockwave... It was me who secured her, but her survival is all thanks to her own ability.

We cannot imagine how much she got shocked.

??? : Is that so... But this is embrassing, if she keeps getting in sleep for this long...

Yuze : Agreed. Plus We have to follow the train. They seemed to have headed to the floor of death. We also have business on there. Lord Mazino.

Urek Mazino : Yeah.

FUCKING MAZINO! O demônio vai estar na porra do do arco do trem também, puta que pariu. Vai ser foda pra caralho esse arco. É impossível não ficar hypado com o Mazino. Aliás:
- 43º andar;
- Possível explicação sobre a origem do Baam;
- Thorn;
- Shinsoo ferrando com todo mundo menos irregulares;
- Garam;
- Karaka
- Mazino
- Yuri;
- Rachel possivelmente podendo ter o thorn;
- Origem do Wangnan;
- Baam finalmente usando o shinsoo verdadeiro
- Enryu?

Olha a quantidade de pirocação que teremos nesse arco, puta que pariu. Depois dai eu imagino que a gente vá dar um salto muito alto nos andares, possivelmente próximos do 77. Esse arco tem tudo pra ser foda demais



RAW 2.234: (ordem correta).



RAW 2.235:

Spoilers 2.235:
Swordman : Thank you for saving my life.

Yuje : My pleasure. It's a relieve that you came to your senses.

Swordman : But is there any reason for helping us? Is that you&apos;re some kind of ranker feom Yeon family?

Yuje : Let's just say that's the reason i did that. I cannot get in to details, by the way. I was just inspecting you, follwing the order of this man front of you. And It&apos;s her who should get your gratitude. Her flame was the reason that you could have survive.

Swordman : Her flame?

Yuje : Yes. It was her flame that saved you, who supposed to be dead when lady Yuri's attack swept. Flame of Yeon is only given to direct female descendent of Yeon. Maybe the flame was activated by itself to guard its master. Of course, It would've been just a moment to withstand the fragment of attack of lady Yuri... Thanks to such short chance, I could save you.

Swordman : Ahh, so is it.

Yuje : She's currently fainted because of her using power over limit, but she'll wake up when the power of flame gets back.

Swordman : Then where's Mr.Rak who was with us? I don't see him... // Urek : Rak?

Urek : There was no guy called something like that. // Urek : I haven't seen him. There were only two of you who Yuje saved.

Swordman : Impossible! There's one more out there! The little croc dressed with red...!!

Urek : Croc..? Has there been anyone like that?

Yuje : At least I havent seen him with my eyes. Of course, according to profiles, there is someone who&apos;s like that on the team.

Swordman : No way! ( What the hell has happened? He must have fallen with us! Is he really dead? )

Urek : By the way, Is that true that your fellas went to the floor of death?// Swordman: Yeah, I sure.

Urek : ( To the of death... his move is quite interesting. This will be fun... ) I think i really have to get there. Finally I&apos;ll be able to tore things as much as i want.


??? : Why did you come back, Hockney!

Hockney : ( This voice is...) Matha?

( A man comes out of the mouth of giant. )

Matha : Heyyy! Long time no see, Hock. You still look short. // Hockney : Matha!!


Matha : So... why did you come back to this hell?? You missed me?

Hockney : Nope // Matha : Haha you're still bad at lying!!

Hockney : You're still living in somewhere creepy.

Matha : Haha. The paracite user like me does so. Getting inside of bigasses and controlling, that's how we survive. As long as that lightbulb is still on, he'll follow my order. Isn't it cool? I named him leggy because he has numerous legs!

Hockney : I really don't understand your taste.

Matha : By the way, who is this boy? Is he from outside?

Hockney : Yeah... kind of...

Matha : Really? It was worth helping your escape! You finally have your own friend! You&apos;ve become a grown man!

Hockney : He's not that close to me. He's nothing more than a stranger sharing same purpose. Not someone like friend you're talking about.. There's no way the monster like me can have a friend.

Matha : Hockney...

Hockney : By now, maybe his real 'friends' are finding him. I'm leaving now so let him be with his friends if you ever find them.

Matha : Where are you going?

Hockney : I'm heading to the 'South City'.

Matha : What?? You're going to the South City? Why??? If 'Hell Joe' ever finds out, he'll try to kill you!!

Hockney : ...He'll definetely do that. But i have to go. There is the lost piece of my painting. <Two days later, you'll be able to find what you have lost, on the south of the floor of death.> This is the info that Emily gave me. She knows everyting. I came here to find the crimson light. That painting is something like soul to me. You know that. I must find it.


Matha : He finally showed up! The gatekeeper!


Sachi : What the hell is that?

Boro : Is that the gatekeeper Hockney has told us about?

Yuri :Now this one looks fun. What should we do Evan?

Evan : ...For now, we may have to let the regulars fight with that thing. We have to see how much they can handle. We cannot protect them forever...

Yuri : Well thats true. Hey! Just deal with that thing with all your own! There's no reason of entering if you even lose to him, from the start!

Boro : Only with us the regulars? Isn't that a bit dangerous?

Sachi : It's just the start of the floor of death. We can try this.

Boro : But Hockney told it's dangerous...

Endrossi : Why are you wasting your time? Let's just move on. We have to find Baam and Hwaryan. There's no time to hesitate!

(She kicks the face of gatekeeper. )

Khun : Endrossi! Damn she's just...!

( Endrossi Zahard special technique : chiffon sword! )

Evan : The skill is...that of lady Yuri...!

( Endrossi knocks down the gatekeeper)

Boro : What, That was nothing!

Sachi : She's just stronger than you thought.

Boro : Is she...?

( Something cute pops up from the dead body. )

Endrossi : ( Is that one the core...? It&apos;s chuckling creepily..)

Khun : ( Small and fast ball-like core... That would be more difficult to fight... By the way, why was it hiding on the inside...? )

Yuri : Ohh this is gonna be fun.

Evan : ...We're not here to play princess.

( Our cutty flames on like human torch and knocks down Endrossi.)

Endrossi : It's time for the shift..! // Khun : Whaaa?

Endrossi : It's your turn! Since I knocked out the monster, the core is yours. Honestly, I got him all didn't i?

Khun : It's just because you hate your clothes getting messy! ( What should i do now? It's earlier than i thought... but let me have some exercise.) Enna Core, rise.


??? : Yes, There are 6 intruders. The dangerous ones are only 2. We have to kill them all. Bring here 'Leech Palawan'

This is fucking nonsense i'll never type it with my phone

RAW 2.236:

Spoilers 2.236:
Boro : What...? His light house is divided into numerous cubes...?!

Yuri : What the hell did you teach him Evan?

Evan : Haha... Just wait and see my lady. Because I've handed down an evil and dirty technique which fits him well.

Khun : ( It's a good thing. I think this is working without problem even on the floor of death. ) Boro, Would you please

move to the spot where light is being cast and hold out your needle for a while? // Boro : ...What?

Boro : like.. like this?

Khun : Good. Just stay still. No matter what happens.

Boro : ( What is he trying to do...?)

Khun : ( That ball is capable of moving high speed in air while performing ranged attack.

The number of mates who can deal with such type is limited in this team. But with my new skill...)

Boro, Sachi : It's coming...!

Boro : Khun!! Just tell me what i have to do!! The attack is coming...! // Khun : Just wait!! // Boro : What!? Sachi!!

( Sachi holds the enemy with his rose spell...)

Boro : How long should i stay like this...?!

Sachi : Khun! I have no idea what you're trying to do but!! Make it fast!!

Khun : It's done...! Lighthouse arrangement complete...!

< Enna Core : Mystery Circle activated >

Boro : What the hell is that?

Sachi : What... is that hive-like sphere...?

Khun : I've just trapped him.

Boro : He's trying to escape...!

Boro : Huh? It came back?

Yuri : What is that thing?

Evan : It's the Enna Core, the high technique which enables single lighthouse to calculate as much as 9 of them do.

By splitting its every face, the lighthouse can distribute calculations to each of them.

Theoretically, It looks very simple. but, it's actually difficult skill because even a single division can cause serious overload.

Anyway, with the lighthouse having enormous operational value, the user can trap the enemy in the sphere formed with numerous teleportic faces.

That's the Mystery Circle.

Yuri : Are you saying a mere regular can use such a high-level skill...?

Evan : Impossible. That's why i upgraded his lighthouse. The kit used in remodeling is A-class made in workshop. 'The upgrade kit for Enna Core.'

You can upgrade the normal lighthouse to the level of enabling user to use Enna Core. By the way, it's extremely expensive and illegal...

Yuri : ...And you gave such thing to the regular...? This is really not like you. Evan.

Evan : There was no other way. This is the most obvious and effective means. I've told you.

Even we can be in danger on the FOD. Just think about which position would be the most helpful to us. The answer is the lighthouse.

Yuri : Evan... You... Are you going to let him support us...?

Evan : Yes. You may think this is ridiculous - but he will be definitely helpful.

Khun : ( This is funny... Now It's time to end this play. )

< Mystery Circle : Mode Alteration - Red Crystal >

Boro : What!! The color has changed into red!! That bastard... I think he's very upset!! He got faster !!

Khun : Boro!! No matter what happens, just hold your needle tightly!! // Boro : What..?

Khun : Soon It's going to come out...!

( The ball shows up just in front of Boro.)

Boro : Huh??? what... what the hell!? What the hell is going on!!

( The ball blows up.)

Boro : What's going on, Khun..?

Khun : It's red mode. If the enemy tries to break out of the sphere, i can teleport him to spot i want by using his power in reverse.

I named it Red Crystal because the sphere turns red.

Evan : 'Blue Emerald' for neutralizing and 'Red Crystal' for teleporting the enemy by counterplotting his power.

They look simple but actually are skills which enable flexible combination. No matter how powerful enemy is, it is impossible for him to escape.


( Matha's centipede is beating someone....i have no idea who he is.)

Matha : This is awesome, Nice job leggy! Now it's coming out...!

( The ball come outs from the dead body. )

Hockney : He's zigzagging. He'll move to right top. If you swing 10 sec later, you'll make direct hit. // Matha : Okay!!

( Just as Hockney has forseen. )

Matha : It's been a long time, but your 'eyes' are still amazing. Are you going to use them again?

Hockney : ...Just a little... If we didn't beat him that fast , everyone might have fallen in danger. Leech-level gatekeeper might have come here.

Matha : Alright. Let's break through with this momentum!! Just until we reach to the hall...!!

Hockney : ( ... Are the others alright...?) Matha, Just head to him or his fellows... // Matha : Because you'll be alright with on your own...?

Matha : Have you forgot? ...You're no like scums on this place. If you ever try to enter into the FOD, the last 'gatekeeper' on the hall will demand your soul...

I'll hide let you in. Till that moment, come with me. I will be quite helpful if you're with me.

Hockney : Then my service to you, Matha.


Baam : (This place... is dark... Where is the light that was calling me...? )

Matha : Finally we have arrived...! // Hockney : This bug is quite fast.

Matha : Of course!! He doesn't have many legs for nothing..! // Hockney : Does it matter...?

Matha : Doesn't it..? // Hockney : So you know nothing...

Baam : ( Where am i...?)

Matha : So how should we go through him? The last gatekeeper.

RAW 2.237:

Spoilers 2.237:
khun and his nasty skills are not included.


Gatekeeper : Are you trying to get into the FOD? I am the last gatekeeper. The livings cannot pass here.

If you're dead, tell me your name and where you belong to.

Matha : It's Matha!! Yuliu Matha!! As a parasite controller, I've overseen the intruders!!

I've just completed my mission and want to return!! Just let me in!!

( Baam awakes from a sleep.)

Baam : Where am i...?

Hockney: So you're awake!!

Baam : ...Mr.Hockney? What is this place..?

Hockney : Shhhh.... Just keep quiet. I'm sure you have many questions but please stay quiet for now.

If that one figure out that we're inside of the bug, we'll be sunk... He's the high -leech monk the last gatekeeper.

If he ever notices we're here, he'll take our souls.

Baam : He's taking our souls?

Matha : Now, Just get me in.

Gatekeeper : ...Wait.

Baam : What do you mean he takes soul...?

Hockney : ...He is the last gatekeeper. The one who guards the entrance of the hall.

He's the only one who has character among gatekeepers, so he never attacks the opponent like the others.

Gatekeepers are organized corps, which consist of observers, eyebugs and leech-level gatekeeps,

If someone kills an observer, the lightbulb comes out killing the clock and waits the eyebug.

The eyebug endlessly haunt the intruders and call the leech-level gatekeeper. They are soulless giant bugs. so they never die.

And finally, who's standing over there is the last gatekeeper. He takes every man's soul who ever tries to get into the FOD.

Essentially, all the people in the FOD have to commit their souls to gatekeepers.

But no one can get back his soul. To be short, it is impossible to escape from FOD.

Baam : ...? But you succeeded.

Hockney : ... That's because...

Gatekeeper : Matha the parasite controller. My judgement about your passing the floor is - 'disapproval'!

Matha : Whaaaaa!? Why! I am certainly the dead one who committed own soul!!

Gatekeeper : Maybe you know the reason. I know two livings are still in your bug.

I am the one who can see the soul. You can't trick my eyes.

Matha : ( Damn... He noticed...!)

Gatekeeper : The living cannot get into the FOD. Those two also have to be 'the dead' by committing their souls.

If you really want to be with them, hand their souls to these shinhehuh.

Hockney : So cheating never works... // Baam : Is that...?

Hockney: It's the shinhehuh which takes soul. It's called soul-eating fish. You may go back to your friends with this bug.

This is the only chance that you can escape without losing soul. It is far beyond your power.

Baam : Huh...? Then what about you...?

Hockney : I'll go even if i lose my soul. There's a something that i have to retrieve.

Matha : Are you really coming with me, Hockney? // Hockney : Of course. I cannot give up.

Baam : So do i l! // Hockney : What...?

Baam : Just like you, I have something that i have to get back! Even if it endangers my life!! I can't just go back!!

I felt something calling me!! I must find that light!!

Hockney : ...The light? ( I didn't see anything. Did he really felt something..?

Why is he trying to get into the FOD, even risking his own life?? Whatever it is, I cannot stop him. )

Fine... Follow me.

Gatekeeper : So you are the intruders who're trying to get into the FOD... Tell me your name.

Hockney : David Hockney. // Baam : 25th Baam.

Gatekeeper : Good. Now commit your souls.

Baam : ...? // Hockney : Just stay still. They're just taking your soul. Your life is not in danger.

( Countless souls are coming out from Baam .)

Hockney: What the...?! Souls...? Why are they so many...!?

Gatekeeper : ( Multiple souls came out from one man...? )

Hockney : What are you...? // Baam : Oh... ( So They're souls that i got from Mr.Hoaqin..! )

Baam : Can i just commit mine? These souls are what i have to protect...

Gatekeeper : Who...are you? A monster...?

Baam : ( I don't think he's gonna believe stories about Mr.Hoaqin... But i cannot tell him i'm an irregular either....)

I'm just a regular. I'll commit my soul, just please let me in.

Gatekeeper : Your request is disapproved.

( Numerous Baamboo spears are coming out.)

Matha : They're bamboo spears of the last gatekeeper!!

( Baam activates his thorn.)

Gatekeeper : ( What is that red light...?) I think i have to test about it.

Matha : It's coming!! The bamboo spear!!

Hockney : What is your position...!? // Baam : I'm a wave controller...!

Hockney : Then you're Shinsoo user...! Shoot your shinsoo into the center of the bamboo!

There's no way to dodge that attack anyway...!! You must aim the hollow part of the spear...! // Baam : What? The hole you mean...?

Hockney : That's the core of the bamboo spear!! You believe what i'm saying ...!

Baam : ( Center of the Bamboo.. with my maximum power...!)

Gatekeeper : ( He destroyed my Shinsoo bamboo with single bang...?!)

Baam : Did i make it...?

Hockney : ( Only with just one bang...! But It didn't look that powerful.. )

Gatekeeper : ( What is that shining shinssoo..? It's odd...tiny but has mysterious power.

The boy with multiple souls. And he's using mysterious stuff and shinsoo... I have no idea why he's here but quite strange...

Then it's even more impossible to let him in...! )

??? : Stop, gatekeeper. An order is given. Let them in alive. // Gatekeeper : What...? From whom...?

??? : The hermit of North city, 'Garam.'


( Yuri killed the stag beetle.)

??? : ( They broke the armor of leech plawan that easily. They're stronger than i expected. But it doesn't matter. Our guards are immortal. There's no chance on intruders. )

Yuri : They're coming back!?


Garam : They're real crude... If they keep being thoughtless, they'll soon die.

??? : What are you going to do princess..?

Garam : I think i have to go. I've already made promise with her.

I'll be meeting that boy in personally.

But I have to test If he's real savior of this tower as she mentioned.


Nível de Cuarta Espada
Nível de Cuarta Espada

Então a Garam finalmente apareceu! 340% de certeza que o Mazino vai encontrar ela. Esse arco tem tudo pra ser show de bola.


Nível de Cuarta Espada
Nível de Cuarta Espada

Gatekeeper : ( Garam... I can't believe she's interested in outsiders... It's her first time after Urek Mazino...)

I can't help this. I'll let you in. You two are specially allowed to enter with keeping your own souls.

Baam : What?!

Gatekeeper : You'll soon figure out if you get in. I'll give back your lost souls. But keep this in mind.

The time you can stand with souls is only a week. You'll be eaten alive by the deads when deadline comes,

so you'd better come out before that happens if you want to live.


Baam : This route is very complicated. What was red liquid which we passed a moment ago?

Hockney : It's the blood of Administrator. Since it's high concentration of shinsoo, it's essential for people's living.

The inside of FOD has extremely low concentration of shinsoo, so we maintain equilibrium by letting it in.

Since tiny blood vessels are linked into outside, we can easily make it possible.

And we gathered the thick ones and made whole new route. That is what we call 'Hall'

It is unknown who exactly did it though... This place is the largest way to gate and lifeline.

The problem is that someone is trying to rule this place as he wants.

Of course, you can also get in through those tiny routes, but since they're too complicated and dangerous, outsiders cannot succeed.

Matha : Hockney, You need to look at me.


Matha : Who is he...?! He's too suspicious!! Someone who has bunch of souls and use weird shinsoo!

It doesn't make sense that the last gatekeeper just let us in!! What if he's a dangerous one??

Hockney : But it's a relive that i came into the FOD as the living. // Matha : But!!

Hockney : Are you thinking he's dangerous because he's someone who has enormous power?

At least i don't think so. It's bad to judge someone thoughtlessly.

Matha : Is that some kind of sense of kinship? // Hockney : kinship? If you mean similarity, maybe you're right... because i think he's special.

Matha : Hockney... That's it!! That's the first step to having a friend!! The similarity! Congratulation! you finally found someone who can be friend!

Hockney : Wait... That's not...!! Matha : FF!! FF!! // Hockney : Just shut up!! // Baam : ( What are they doing...?)

Matha : Anyway It's good that he lost his friends, let's ask him to find your painting together for a while..! // Hockney : That's...

( Garam shows up.)

Mahta : What are you..???

Garam : You look cute. You deserve following of two Zahard princess.

Matha : Hey!! Do you have any idea where you're sitting at!! //

Hockney : Matha, Stop it!! She's ... extremely strong. The strongest one which i've ever seen...!

Garam : Are you really the one who opened the door by yourself? Though i've never thought you're arrogant as Urek...

Baam : Urek..? Do you know Mr.Urek?

Garam : I do. But it would been better not knowing such dumbass. Let's have talk after moving the place.

Matha : Hey! what are you... // Garam : The destination is ...North city.


Yuri : What the...! They seem to be more than i saw last time..! // Evan : Because they're not dying!!!

Yuri : Do you have any solution, Evan?! // Evan : Not against undying creatures!! We have to run! // Yuri : Dammit!

Yuri : Only if we have larger place..! Run with these kids Evan!! // Evan : Whaaa??

Yrui : Running away is not my type..!! I'll make them unable to follow us for a while!!

Evan : (Rose shower!? What the hell is that crazy woman trying to do!! Damn! She's going to kill us too! )

??? : Are you friends of Lord Jue Viole Grace? // Evan : What? Who are you??

??? : Wow!! I guess you are!! And she's Yuri Zahard!!

Khun : ( She has red hair just like HR! )

??? : I'm here for sis HR's ask!! I'll show you the way!!


Baam : ( She knows about Mr.Urek... Who is she...? I don't thinks she's someone who hurts somebody. Does she know something about me?)

Garam : Welcome to the North city. We're going to ride on another bug. Just come down.

Matha : You came from nowhere and order us!! You think we'll follow? //

Garam : Ah, Then you don't have to. Who i only care is the boy wearing coat over there . You may go back.

But boy, You must follow me. There's massage that i must convey to you.


Garam : You two stay here. and boy, follow me. You seem to have many questions. You can ask anything since there are only two.

Baam : Who are you??

Garam : Garam Zahard. The princess who disappeared with two 13 month series.

Baam : ( Princess of Zarhad? So the hint that Miss.Yura gave me was true!! ) Why the princesso of Zahard is here...??

Garam : I just told you. I disappeared with two 13 month series. I'm hiding on this place after having betraying the Zarhard Family.

I figured out too many truths to just stay in Zahard family. About the reason why we became princess and still fighting,

the reason why we cannot go up, Who Zahard, our father is... and your being.

Baam : Do you... know about me...?

Garam : Yes, From time immemorial. Of course, I don't have such an unqualified belief about you. but... You have right to know who you are.

Do you wanna know about yourself?

Baam : Yeah, About everything!!

Garam : Okay, then i'll tell everything i know about you. but it will be your own responsibility after hearing this story.


Endrossi : So HR told you to lead us..? // ??? : Yup!!

Endrossi : That bitch.. she's already staying on better route as i expected. I knew it. // Khun : Of course you did.

Yuri : What the hell has happened to your sense Mr.Evan,the guide? Didn't you say even the guides lost the sense on FOD?

Evan : Th... This is strange..

??? : Ah, and princess. sis HR asked something for guiding you. // Yuri : Huh?

??? : She said you would definitely accept it. // Evan : ...So there's no free anyway. What is it?

??? : ...Actually... There's some kind of bad guy on here... I hope you to take care of him.

Evan : Wha? Who is it?

??? : He is the ruler of south city. The one who's trying to rule the shinsoo which lost its master. His name is... Hell Joe the pluto.


Red castle, south city

??? : The intruders suddenly disappeared. Karaka is soon to be arrived... What should we do? Lord Joe?

Hell Joe : Don't disturb me. I'm doing something important. /// ??? : Pardon...?

Hell Joe : I have to read comics.

Depois de 950 anos lendo essa porra, será que finalmente saberemos de todas as verdades? De onde vem o Baam? O que é e o que quer Zahard? Por que infernos tu para no 134º andar? Qual é que é a das 13th series? NUUUUUUUUUUUUSSA SENHORA!

Eu acho que infelizmente, nós teremos duas coisas:
- O Baam vai aaprecer já sabendo tudo e nós não saberemos;
- A Garam vai contar algumas poucas coisas e a gente ainda vai continuar no escuro.

É muito acontecimento grande pro SIU colocar tudo de mão beijada de uma só vez. São repostas que a gente procura faz séculos, não sei se ele vai fazer isso, apesar de que só a origem do Baam já me ajuda muito. Engraçado que a verdade pode aparecer no 43º andar e isso é algo muito suspeito se tratando da teoria de que Baam = Guardião 43º andar ou Baam = Enryu ou Baam = criação do Enryu. SIU já disse várias vezes que ele com certeza tava fora da torre na caverna, mas dá pra dar um bend nessa afirmação com facilidade.

Tô absolutamente animado e de certa forma já tô triste porque eu acho que a gente não vai ter as repostas que espera tão cedo ;(


Nível de Cuarta Espada
Nível de Cuarta Espada
Garam : For one thing, What i'm going to tell you is nothing more than a of the whole story.

The stories that i won't mention will be naturally known when you can take responsibility.

Baam : Wait.. I'm just...!!

Garam : Yeah I know, I know how much the irregular wonders about himself. But I cannot tell more than you can handle. If i do, you'll be ruined.

Don't be upset by the way. You'll know everything as long as you're not lost.

Baam : I see...

Garam : Now let's begin. How much do you know about Zahard, the king of tower?


Somewhere of the FOD

Yura : Where are we?

Karaka : We're on inside of the FOD. // Yura : So this is FOD...

Karaka : You'd better watch out. This is the place of the deads who lost souls. Even the life of ranker is in danger.

Yura : Oh.. K. Do i have to take out Lord White?

Karaka : Not yet. If gatekeeper comes, I have to handle three of you. More less, more better.

Yura : By the way, Lord Karaka. According to Info, we have to sacrifice one man's soul to enter into FOD... Don't we need to do that?

Karaka : Not just one man, Every man who wants to enter FOD have to pay his soul. // Yura : Huh???

Karaka : Don't worry. We're going to head to the secret passage. So don't get in panic even if the enemy shows up.

Yura : Yup! ( This is what i've never expected. Entering into FOD with Slayer...  

By the way... how could he get in the train? I can feel massive energy of shinsoo just by walking behind him.

If he's aiming the thorn like us...there's no way to stop him... I'd better change the plan.)

Wangan : (...Being with Karaka of FUG... He's goddamn bigshot. Backstabbing according to plan would be difficult.

I have to aim his absence!!.. )


Yuri : Hell Joe..? What the hell is that?

??? : It's the name of current ruler of the south city. This place is divided into south and north.

The north  is ruled by Gran Dree and The south is under the rule of Hell Joe.

Hell Joe, the ruler of south city is someone like tyrant... So everyone in the south city fears him.

He has self-righteous character and never trust others. If there's someone who he dislikes, he send that person to the 'eternal prison.'

Hell Joe was actually the plunder of the south city. In the end of this floor, there's facility called 'Hall' which drags outer shinsoo.

Since he had worked in there for a long time, he came to know everything about 'Hall.'

The former ruler of south ciry, Gran Desa started to trust him and placed him as the prime hall plunder.

But that was not enough. Hell joe, the man who became leader of the hall started to change its structure as he wanted.

Ruling the hall is ruling the life and shinsoo of the south city.

Hell Joe noticed the fact that he took control of hall and sweetened underlings of Dran Desa.

Soon they became subordinates of Hell Joe. And he attacked the headquarter of castle.

As a result, he took charge of the south city.

That was fucking long bitch

Yuri : So that's the story. Then Why are you trying to kill him? If that's simple rebellion, there's no reason for guide of FUG to interfere with.

??? : Actually, Hell Joe has been carrying out piece of the thorn, siding with FUG.

Yuri : Thorn..?! You mean the thing that Baam's using?

??? : Yeah. The piece that Lord Viole is currently using.

Khun : You mean the one who discovered and carried it out was actually Hell Joe?

??? : The first man who discovered it was eye monster. After knowing there's someone who wants it, Hell Joe moved it out.

According to info, there are three of pieces of the thorn. One of them is on hand of Lord Viole, But the others are not being found.

The last one is said to be placed on the deep inside of FOD. Even Hell Joe has failed to find it.

Yuri : So your request is...killing Hell Joe before he gets the last piece?

??? : Yes! Only that will prevent Hell Joe harming Lord Viole. And Viole is still weak to handle him...

Since you're here to help Lord Viole, this work is not meaningless. What do you think about it?

Yuri : ( Hmmm... Too many doubts but there's no other way.) Okay I got it. // ??? : Yay!!!!!

Evan : Princess! You can't just accept the request of stranger like that!!

Yuri : Then What do you want me to do? Are you going to guide us instead of her?

Anyway Just let us into the right path. And help us to find Baam too.

??? : Yes, Maam.


??? : Um... Mr Joe? Haven't you finished your comics yet?

Hell Joe : I said don't disturb.  

??? : lord...! Karka the slayer of FUG is coming here. I assume that he's coming for the thorn that you promised in advance.

Hell Joe : So what. We found nothing. We can't just give something that we don't even have.

??? : But the promise is...

Hell Joe : Oh 'the promise'? The promise about letting us out from this scum?

??? : Yeah, Lord Joe...! The promise.

Hell Joe : So Was there any change after giving the first piece?? There are only this goddamn TV and monthly comics!!

But we opened the secret passage through FOD!! Tell him when he comes! That i cannot cooperate anymore!!

Let his find the thorn by himself! Now Fuck off! It's comics time!

??? : Then... I see. At least you can think about it while taking rest....

Hell Joe : Are you fucking deaf? FUCK OFF!


Conversation between underlings.


Bug : My Lord, Karaka has arrived. Lord Joe??

??? : But Mr.Karaka... Just wait and...!

Karaka : There's no time to waste, If they're gone i have to find it anyway. They're aiming the piece of thorn.

??? : But he's busy now!! How about having tea time after long journey?!

Karaka : No experience of having food served by stranger. Open the gate. Long time no see Hell Joe.

Do presents i've been sending suit your taste?

Hell Joe : Karaka... You really have a nerve.

Karaka : ...Any problem? Though I gave everything you wanted you're not handing over the next piece.

Hell Joe : Shut up!!! What you promised was letting me out!!

Karaka : That's not easy work. Getting back one's soul is surely huge.

Hell Joe : FUCK OFF!! How long should i wait? It's been a long time since i handed the first piece!!

And you see TV over there... There's only fucking NEWS channel!!! WHYYYYY WHHYYY NEWS channel!!

What i wanted were variety and comedy shows!!

( Hell Joe emits powerful shockwave and It flows everyone away but Karaka)

Wangnan : ( What the hell is he saying..??)

Hell Joe : Everytime I stare that Fucking TV , My face becomes impassive!!!

What do you know about my feeling of watching TV with unwanted Channel!? Even Endrossi Zahard is not showing up in these days!!

Do you think I wanted it to see fucking men in black!!

(Karaka shows dignified appearance.)

Karaka : ...News is the only thing i watch. Isn't that the funniest thing in this tower?

Hell Joe : Fuck you!! Old young!! Do not force your taste. There will be no single word of negotiation before you get me out of here!

Karaka : Then there's no choice. Just get me the intruders. If you do, everything will be done as you wish.

Hell Joe : Are you fucking deaf!!!

Karaka : You're the one who's deaf. One of them is the key to let you out of this place. Dumbass.


Baam : About Zahard? Since I haven't seen him...there's only things i've heard. I know he's an irregular.

After entering and climbing tower with 10 heads... He became a king of this tower, making contract with Administrators.

The one who has immortal body, Powerful ruler of Shinsoo, the enemy of FUG. That's all i know.

Garam : Yeah. The great king who assaulted and reformed tower. The warrior who seized all the 134 floors.

Having compassion on people of this tower, He decided to become a king.

But Since his blood was too powerful, He couldn't have offspring. So Po Bido Gustang the 10 head made a proposal.

: Let's inject blood of Zahard to girls with great talents and make them compete. The last survivor shall be your bride.

That's the current princess system. Having 13 month series is that they're authorized.

The one who gathered the all series can be the bride of Zahard. But no one has achieved that.

This is the story about Zahard and us. But the reality was different. The first generations were codestructed by power of 13 month series.

After the competition got fierce, even the relationship of 10 heads got soured.

When i was selected, there was nothing but carnage, forgetting the primal purpose.

Repetition of killing between sisters. Finally, the genius who could end that tragedy showed up.

Her name was Enn Zahard. The most powerful child created by two 10 heads.

The princess honored with corlorless december  was literally overwhelming. Even the heads acknowledged her.

But she suddenly got crazy. She killed all the people at random. As a result, she got sealed in the maze.

I couldn't believe that she became like that. Finally, i found and met her. But she told me about the secret of Zahard.

Baam : ??? (that was fucking long bitch)

Garam : Zahard had never wanted to marry. Creating the princesses were nothing more than a reliving complaints.

The death of first generations were tragedy manipulated by Zahard.

After discovering the fact, Enn men him but there was nothing but a cruel secret.

Actually, Zahard had first love who he would never forget.

Baam : First love??

Garam : Yes. Her name is Arlen Grace. The woman who started this tragedy and someone who gave birth to you.


OK, I'M CALLING IT NOW: Baam NÃO É FILHO DE ZAHARD, mas sim filho do ENRYU com a Arlen! E mais: o torn foi criado (e a morte do guardião) pra que o Baam saísse da torre e ficasse exilado fora dela, por isso ele é um irregular. E ai das duas, uma:

1) Ou Zahard quis matar a Arlen porque ficou com ciúmes porque o Enryu que pegou ela;
2) Ou Zahard tem medo do que o Baam pode se tornar e tentou caçar ele e a Arlen. Enryu, por algum motivo que eu não entendo (além de oi SIU dizer que ele é absurdamente forte demasi pra aparecer agora), não pode confrontar Zahard e mandou ela embora com o Baam.

Onde a Rachel se encaixa nisso? Ela é FILHA DE ZAHARD, CHUPEM ANTIS! Por algum motivo que não entendo, Zahard encontrou onde a o Baam tava e mandou a Rachel pra lá (nada mais conveniente que o dono da Torre saber a saída) pra que ela ganhasse a confiança do Baam e assim entrasse na Torre. Por que? Eu não sei, caralho hahahaaha!

Ser filho de Zahard, quando a gente tem outros dois filhos ilegítimos ali do lado não faz sentido nenhum. E outra: o filho nunca vai superar o pai. ToG é muito heavy bloodline, isso é quase um limitador. O cara mais forte que Zahard é o Enryu, por isso o Baam tem que ser filho dele, além da ÓBVIA relação do estilo de luta e da resistência absurda ao shinsoo.

RACHEL = FILHA DE ZAHARD (sem o sangue, por isso ela é fraca)


1 - Zahard sabe qu

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